Become Unstoppable

It is a beautiful thing to dream of success and to imagine what it will be like when you get that amazing breakthrough. You can see the type of cars you will be driving, the kind of people you will get to meet and relate with and how much your life will change. Cool. However, the real deal is how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

Never back down simply because of the size of your dreams. If you can dream it, then you can do it. Do not allow your capacity to dream to be constrained by the resources you have. The universe will have no choice but to align to provide what you need if you refuse to give up on your dreams.

Life will never give you want you deserve or desire simply because you want it or because you need it, life will give you only what you consistently demand with the sweat of your brows and the unyielding belief in your heart. Life is designed to defeat the weak, but when confronted with determination and consistent, focused effort, its defenses fall like a pack of cards, and you can get just about what you want from.

Yes, life is tough, and I am not going to try to take anything away from that; however, when you are ready to make the best of what life has to offer, you find yourself outperforming even your own highest expectations. Step out of your way, dare to believe that your dreams will come to pass and never back down.

Life doesn’t owe you anything. You need to get that and get on your feet to make the kind of life you want for yourself. Stop whining and complaining about your luck, your talents, your opportunities or your looks, rise to your feet and make the best of what you have for what you have is enough.

You will meet with failure more than a couple of times; it is not a sign for you to throw in the towel, rather, it is the proof that you are getting somewhere. Failure is not wasted if you understand its true potentials. If your dream of success can survive momentary failure, your success will not be short-lived. Failure is an essential part of the entire journey of success, and you must never flinch when you have to cross that alley.

Treat every challenge as an opportunity to unleash your potentials and truly become the champion you ought to be. Face every challenge like a warrior who is honored to be faced with such huge opposition and believe challenges are not meant to defeat you or to make you fail. Challenges bring out the best in you; you will never know what you are capable of if you don’t face challenges.  

Never back down in the face of challenges, difficulties or confrontations. Hardship is part of the refining process that separates the boys from the men, those who are ready to pay the price from those who just came to try out and those who can manage success from those who cannot.

The price of success can only be paid in the currency of hard labor by those who understand the value of what they want. Stop wishing it were easier, roll up your sleeves, bend your back, get your hand in the dirt and pay the price for the kind of success you want.

People don’t ever become successful because they are born for it or because they happen to have the skills, talents, and opportunities; success is the exclusive right of those who will continue to show up and deliver their very best until they make such indelible marks on the sand of times with extraordinary achievements.

You are not going to be unstoppable because you have a dream or because you have a clear idea of your identity; your most potent weapon is never to back down in the face of opposition, challenges, obstacles, failure or fear. Your capacity to face, survive and take advantage of everything life throws at you is what makes you a warrior. Fear not, your challenges are not to destroy you or make you lose hope; it is to test and certify that you deserve what you want from life!

Stop doubting and step unto the shores, feel the wind beneath your wings and unleash yourself on your world. What you have is enough.

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