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Getting Comfortable With Fear And Failure

Fear and failure are basic life realities; we all live with them in one form or the other. Sometimes we wish they are not there, that we are not afraid or that we are invincible; but then that is not possible.

Whatever you are not comfortable with will make you lose focus constantly, it will reduce your productivity and limit your creativity; you either have to do away with it or be doomed by it!

In this case, you cannot do away with the feeling of fear or the possibility of chronic failure, and then it is better to devise new ways to live with them and still be phenomenal.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move on despite the fear!

Having come to an understanding that every man is afraid of something, yet many still succeed, then it is possible to get comfortable with doubt, overcome it and fulfil your dreams.

Failure is man’s second name, at one point or the other, everybody fails! You have failed before, and you will still fail. The only man that is immune to failure is that man who will not attempt anything meaningful.

Whenever you fail, make sure it never gets into your head, failing at something doesn’t make you a failure, it just means that you did not do it correctly. It is either you need to change something, or you need to find something else to do.

Let me share a personal experience, all my siblings are good with music, and it was just normal that I wanted to try out in the school choir, the music master tried all he could to get me to sing or play an instrument, it was all futile, I was a tone-deaf and I may never be able to understand rhythm.

I failed at music, but I was an A+ in literature. Failure is sometimes a good compass with which to navigate life; if you keep failing at something, maybe you should try something else.    

The problem we have most of the time is not the presence of fears or the possibility of failure; it is the way we see them, the way we approach them and the way we surrender to them.

In truth, fear can paralyse you if you allow it; it can also lead you to greatness if you tame it and use it to your advantage.

I remember when I was sitting for my SAT examinations, the fear of failure or low scores inspired me to read as hard as it was humanly possible, I passed, in fact, I passed excellently. The fear of failure became my motivation for success.

Fear can become a phenomenal rocket fuel to achieve greatness.

I have seen the fear of poverty drive men to wealth as they stay diligent in hard work; I have also seen the fear of losing driving athletes to win gold because they couldn’t afford to lose. Fear is not the problem; it is our perspective of it that can turn it into a problem.

You may need to redefine failure before you can ever get comfortable with it. If you see failing at something like the end of the road, then you will soon exhaust your options in life.

Failure is and must be seen as part of the process of growth, as part of the story of success and as a necessary part of being a human being. Failure will surely come, pick yourself up, learn your lessons and lunch a fight back; there’s always another chance.

In conclusion, I love the way artists handle mistakes in the process of making a fine piece of artwork; they turn it into a new idea, they go with the flow and convert the mistake into a masterpiece.

Make failures and fears your servants, let them be effective tools in your hands as your journey towards greatness; let failures provide you with valuable experience and let your fears inspire you to attempt big and large dreams.

See you at the top.

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