Staying On Course For Your Dreams

We all have dreams, aspirations and an idea of what we want from life; we also have the details of our limitations and reasons why we can’t go for our dreams. I get it. Our reasons are always genuine and legitimate and often potent enough to keep us from making those vital moves.

Let the bigger picture of your dreams propel you to focus and make the best of what you are doing right now. You have taken the bold step already and you need not look back; remember, what is worth doing is worth doing well.

Though the first thing to do if you are going to get anything done is to dream; however, your dream is just the beginning of your journey. Your dream is as good as the efforts you are willing to put into seeing it come to pass. The power of your vision is not in how elegant or elaborate it is, instead, it is in your capacity to push and pull until it comes to pass.

There are two kinds of people on earth- the dreamers and the doers.

The dreamer has the perfect idea of what he wants to see, have and become. He has all the creativity and diversity of ideas but usually, lack the spine and the tact to put boots on the ground and make it happen.

The dreamer, on the other hand, may not have everything perfect regarding the idea, but he is willing to move heaven and earth to get what he wants.

The difference between these two classes of people is not their ability or the size of their dream; it is usually down to understanding and a ruthless edge in execution.

The fact that you have a perfect dream does not mean everything will begin to fall into place, in the real sense, the converse is usually the case. The bigger your dreams, the bigger your challenges!

The moment you have a clear picture of what you want and how you want it, you are confronted with an even clearer picture of your limitation, fears, doubts, challenges, and oppositions; every new level comes with its competent devil! You have a choice here; it is either you give up your dreams and cower back into the normal, or you take the bull by its horns, roll up your sleeves and go for it.

Here are vital tips to get you on your way already:

1.    You have nothing to lose

Life is short and often too painful to live too carefully. The difference between the average human and the achiever is usually the gut to take risks and put your life out there.

The truth is that your life and everything you have not worth much if you don’t make something phenomenal of it. Go for your dreams with everything you have; there is no need to hold back; you have nothing to lose!

Give it everything- time, talents, skills, relationship- everything you have at your disposal. You only have one life; give it the best chance at awesomeness!

2.    It is your dream; take responsibility for it

One of the most important reasons you cannot afford to give up on your dream even when it gets tough is that this is your dream and no one is going to build it for you.

When it comes to your dreams, you are the ultimate piece without which the dream is doomed. Take responsibility; rise to the occasion and make your dreams come true.

3.    What if it becomes too hard?

Trust me, it is going to be hard, it is going to be hard, but it can never be too hard. It is your dream remember? If it was not too hard to dream it, then is never too hard to get it done. The price of success can only be paid in the currency of hard labor; so get out there and pay the price for the dreams you want to be established.

4.    Get out of your way

Sometimes you feel your dreams are too big for you or they are too good for you and you are scared you don’t have what it takes to fulfill them; this is where you need to get out of your way.

Don’t give space to any self-limiting thought that will rob you of your self-belief and self-esteem. You are a match for your dreams any day and anytime!  

5.    Failure is not an option

Everyone has a personal legend to fulfil, and your dream is the key to unlock yours. Your destiny is to reach the peak of life and take your place among legends; therefore, failure is not an option.

6.    You cannot afford to be distracted

Your worries, fears and anxieties are real and I will not try to take anything away from that. However, you cannot allow anything else distract you from your dreams and from the steps you have taken to make the best of it.

I do not promise you that you will not fail; you are likely to fail, stumble and even fall on your face; it may even happen more than a few times, but it should never be the end of your dreams. You must rise to your feet over and over again until it is done.

Fulfilling your dreams is usually not just about you. It is about all the people who will believe in you and your dreams; it is about all the people who will learn about what you have done, and it is about writing your name in gold on the sands of time; it is about inspiring a new generation to believe in their dreams and to go for it will everything they have. Think like the ultimate whose destiny and responsibility are to defy the odds, break the chains of limitation and goo all the way.

Think like the ultimate whose destiny and responsibility are to defy the odds, break the chains of limitation and goo all the way.

Go light your world!

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