Here's The ONE Secret Keeping You From Living Into The BEST Version Of Yourself...

If I were to ask 100 people what’s keeping them from living their best lives, you can probably guess the answer that 90 of them would give.

Some might even go further and say something like “fear of failure” or “fear of success”.
But they’d be wrong.
It’s not fear that’s holding you back.
It’s something else…
And this “something else” often gets mistaken for fear.
But it’s not fear.
Let me explain. ..
Lets’ say you’re playing golf, and you hit the ball near the water…
When you go to find your ball, you see a giant alligator in the water just 3 feet from your ball.
What do you feel?
That’s right – you feel fear.
You see something REAL (the alligator)… It can be perceived as an honest threat… And you feel fear as a RATIONAL response.
Let me say that again.
FEAR is a RATIONAL response to a REAL threat.
Fear can save your life.
But when it comes to living into WHO you want to be…
What’s holding you back is NOT fear.
What’s holding you back is ANXIETY!
ANXIETY is an intense, excessive, and persistent worry about an IMAGINED scenario.
When we tell ourselves all of the bad stuff that might happen when we go for what we want, we’re just making up stories in our head.
And when those made up stories get to the point that they paralyze us and keep us from moving to our goals…
…that’s ANXIETY !
I’m not here to judge.
But rather to acknowledge the difference.
And now that you know – you’ve can take your new knowledge and use it to empower yourself.
Start by telling yourself different stories…
EMPOWERING stories that get you EXCITED about taking action.
Now that I’ve given you that little tid-bit of information…
I’d like to invite you to take an even bigger step towards the life you want!
Are you ready!
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